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The EOPM Summer Nationals, sponsored by Pat Musi Racing Engines scheduled for July 30th 2016 at Galot Motorsports Park has been moved to Thursday night August 4th, 2016. The EOPM and Galot staff concluded that this would be the best thing for all parties, Racers, Sanctioning Body, and Galot Motorsport Park.


The EOPM will be combining one of the greatest Pro Mod shows in the country along with Galot Motorsports Park newly formed Mad Mule Series. The EOPM fans, racers, and staff have all been anxiously waiting our visit the brand new State Of The Art racing facility located in Benson NC. Earl Wells along with Kevin Rivenbark, John Strickland, and Todd Tutterow have work diligently to complete one of the finest drag racing venues in the United States. EOPM Tech Director Barry Murray stated the EOPM is looking very forward to high level of competition that the new geo thermal climate controlled Galot racing surface will provide to the quickest and fastest Pro Modified cars in the land. EOPM Race Director Wilbur Peyton will be on hand early to assist the Galot staff in making sure this is a great night of drag racing.


The EOPM would like to take this opportunity to thank our sponsors, CV Products who will be including The Racers Rewards Program for this Galot event, where additional funds will be paid for different positions of qualifying. These positions and pay out will be announced by Matt Giangrande of CV Product prior to the event, GRP Connecting Rods, ATI Racing Transmission and Converters, Diamond Racing Pistons, Pat Musi Racing Engines, W S Construction, Andy Beal Racing Engines, Dave Hunt Race Cars, VP Race Fuels, and Steve Vick’s Carolina Precision Machine. As always”Big Daddy Is Always On The Scene” in memory of our EOPM founder Stuart Williams.

With the 20th anniversary of the Big Dog Shootout being celebrated over this July 4th weekend, the much anticipated Power Jam was completed on Saturday at historic Piedmont Dragway; “The Doorslammer Capital of the World”. The track, in continuous operation since 1957, did not disappoint as drivers in the Big Dog Shootout and in the combo event, Extreme Oulaw Pro Mod Association took a shot at the track with hot, slick conditions prevalent on this day. When the dust settled, it was last month’s winner, Ronnie Gardner, in the Jack Gaddy Camaro on the pole in Big Dog and second generation driver, Ty Tutterow, on the pole for the EOPM part of the event.


That said, in Big Dog, the qualifiers were chasing Gardner’s 4.08 to #8, Marvin Graham. Tim Siler came in at #2 with Charles Richards at #3, and John Lassiter #4. Other competitors included Larry Pearce, a winner already this year, Cam Clark, and Tim Lawrence. Breakage advanced Lassiter and Siler to the semis with John Lassiter using a 4.10 to go to the finals. Charles Richards Jr. ran a 4.08 to advance on the other side. In the final, Charles Richards Jr. defeated John Lassiter by a whopping .0006 margin of victory. When Lassiter and partner, Jeff Miller, get the bugs out, LOOK OUT.


In the Extreme Outlaw Pro Mod portion of the program, Jamie Chappell was #1 qualifier until the second round when Ty Tutterow rolled to the line and used dad, Todd’s tune up to go to the pole with a 3.845 ET. Ty also added top MPH at 196.42. Others in the field included Brian Schrader, Robbie Keziah, Jamie Chappell, Chris Patrick, with tuning help from Jay Cox, Tommy Mauney, Derrick Brown, in the ex-Victor Cagnazzi Pro Stock, and Randy Weatherford. The semis were as follows: Tutterow ran another 3.84 to defeat Chappell, and Robbie Keziah advanced over Brian Shchrader. This set the final with young Mr. Tutterow saving the best for last and laying down a 3.83 to defeat Keziah’s 3.95. Congratulations to the whole Tutterow gang for Ty’s first, and surely not his last.


Celebrating the 20th anniversary were such drivers as Terry Brackett, first in the 4 second range with a 3000 lb. Camaro with Fulton 632 power, Buzz Varner, Morris Mitchell, Rocky Raynor, Rick Moore, Todd Tutterow, Michale “Golfball” Godfrey, Matt Giangrande, Bubba Turner, Randy Weatherford, Joel Douglas, Ronnie Gardner, John Lassiter, Travis Harvey, Jack Gaddy, Andy Beal, Jamie Chappell, Charles Richards Jr. All in all, over 30 drivers came out to be recognized along with the founder of the “Longest Running Single Track Series in the Country”, Mr. Jim Turner. If you weren’t there, you were missed, and please come to any upcoming event that you may be able to attend.


Other winners, for the day included: Willie Morgan defeating Kyle Shipmon in 7.49 Real Street, Bobby McMasters defeating Ray Anderson in 6.00 Raiders, and Travis Harvey, Yes that Travis Harvey, defeating David Rice in Outlaw Door Slammer. Also on had were the Gibbs Racing 4.70 Extreme DoorSlammers with John Smith defeating Tommy Luther.


All in all, a great day and a great opportunity to be part of history. Make sure to attend the next installment of the Big Dog Shootout at historic Piedmont Dragway.

With several oil downs and crashes that ran the Extreme Outlaw Pro Mod event into the VERY late of night, there were some positive results. CV Products, Matt Giangrande was on hand to award qualifying bonuses to the #4 and #8 qualifier for the event. At #4 was Jason Harris with Larry Pearce, and his Chevy Cobalt getting the $250.00 for the #8 spot. After much delay for weather and the aforementioned oil downs, the second round of qualifying got underway at a late 9:30 and resulted in a 3.78 et blast by Tommy Franklin with a 201 MPH speed. Both are Darlington Dragway records. Congratulations to Tommy and his whole crew. Other drivers in attendance were Chris Rini, managing a 3.87 first round et, Chris Patrick, with tuning help from Jay Cox, Tommy Mauney, and Todd Howard. Randy Weatherford did yeomans work behind the wheel avoiding a potentially disastrous crash when a front tire let go. The result was only minimal damage.


But, unfortunately, the late hour prevailed and at midnight the event was called but not before track owner, Russell Miller and manager, Jimmy Bradshaw agreed to pay the purse equally among all 8 competitors. With the CV bonuses paid, as well, the event was a success, no matter.


Next the EOPM travels to historic Piedmont Dragway for the traditional July POWER JAM on July 2nd. This event is always a tremendously competitive event that everyone wants to win so look for a terrific field with low ets and high mph enough for everyone. See you there.