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EOPM Summer Nationals Date Moved to August 4th


The EOPM Summer Nationals, sponsored by Pat Musi Racing Engines scheduled for July 30th 2016 at Galot Motorsports Park has been moved to Thursday night August 4th, 2016. The EOPM and Galot staff concluded that this would be the best thing for all parties, Racers, Sanctioning Body, and Galot Motorsport Park.


The EOPM will be combining one of the greatest Pro Mod shows in the country along with Galot Motorsports Park newly formed Mad Mule Series. The EOPM fans, racers, and staff have all been anxiously waiting our visit the brand new State Of The Art racing facility located in Benson NC. Earl Wells along with Kevin Rivenbark, John Strickland, and Todd Tutterow have work diligently to complete one of the finest drag racing venues in the United States. EOPM Tech Director Barry Murray stated the EOPM is looking very forward to high level of competition that the new geo thermal climate controlled Galot racing surface will provide to the quickest and fastest Pro Modified cars in the land. EOPM Race Director Wilbur Peyton will be on hand early to assist the Galot staff in making sure this is a great night of drag racing.


The EOPM would like to take this opportunity to thank our sponsors, CV Products who will be including The Racers Rewards Program for this Galot event, where additional funds will be paid for different positions of qualifying. These positions and pay out will be announced by Matt Giangrande of CV Product prior to the event, GRP Connecting Rods, ATI Racing Transmission and Converters, Diamond Racing Pistons, Pat Musi Racing Engines, W S Construction, Andy Beal Racing Engines, Dave Hunt Race Cars, VP Race Fuels, and Steve Vick’s Carolina Precision Machine. As always”Big Daddy Is Always On The Scene” in memory of our EOPM founder Stuart Williams.