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All text in green are the 2016 revisions/updates

$200 EOPM Pro Mod Membership Fee (includes the entire race season)
$150.00 entry fee ( includes car / driver and 2 crew members )



A. Competition and race format will be conducted in the same manor as any other professional drag racing category.
B. EOPM reserves the right to make adjustments to the rules at any time.
C. Official notifications will be published on the EOPM website:
D. Racing format is heads-up, pro tree, 1/8 mile. Lane choice will be determined by elapsed times (E.T.). Replacement vehicles will be left to the discretion of the competition director.
E. TECHNICAL INSPECTION: Technical inspection required prior to competition. All cars and drivers must pass an initial technical inspection and safety inspection. Tech cards will be issued at a cost of $20.00 per entry, per event. This fee is to be paid directly to the Competition Director.
F. STAGING LANES / QUALIFYING: If a driver and their car are not in the staging lanes when the first car begins its burnout for the qualifying session, the driver will not be allowed to participate in the round of qualifying. Drivers will draw numbers to determine their qualifying run order and lane. The run order
must be reversed and the lanes must be alternated during each subsequent round of qualifying.
All points are awarded to the driver and cannot be transferred under any circumstances. Points are not transferable from one class to another. If the event is disrupted after eliminations of that category are in progress, those contestants unable to compete will be awarded points up to the round completed.
Points are awarded as follows: (each race)
Winner: 500 points
Runner-up: 400 points
Third round loser: 300 points
Second round loser: 200 points
First round loser: 100 points
Qualifying position earns points as follows:
#1 qualifier: 16 points
#2 qualifier: 15 points
#3 qualifier: 14 points
#4 qualifier: 13 points
#5 qualifier: 12 points
#6 qualifier: 11 points
#7 qualifier: 10 points
#8 qualifier: 9 points
#9 qualifier: 8 points
#10 qualifier: 7 points
#11 qualifier: 6 points
#12 qualifier: 5 points
#13 qualifier: 4 points
#14 qualifier: 3 points
#15 qualifier: 2 points
#16 qualifier: 1 point
Additional points are awarded as follows:

  • 25 points for participating in event
    (competitor must make take the tree during at least one qualifying run under power to receive participation points)
  • 10 points for E.T. Record (1% backup required)
  • 10 points bonus for attending all 2014 EOPM events.


Must be a minimum of 22 cars entered to run a 16 car field.


H. ALTERNATES: Alternates will be inserted at the 8th or 16th place and the remainder of the entries will move up in the qualifying order.


In the event of an eight car field

  • Winner will receive 400 points
  • 300 Runner Up
  • 200 Second round loser
  • 100 first round loser
  • Qualifying point will be 8 descending to 1.


I. TIE BREAKER: In the unlikely event a tie among any of the top 10 finishers in championship points should occur, the following procedure will be used to determine a winner:

  1. Most event wins
  2. Most event runner-ups
  3. Head-to-head record
  4. Most event round wins
  5. Most number of events entered


J. DISQUALIFICATIONS: Grounds for Disqualification
1. Bypassing scales on competition run
2. Use of alcoholic beverages by driver or crew
3. Failure to report to staging when called
4. Loose or illegal ballast after a run
5. Refusal to submit to technical inspection
6. Any modifications or change to the wheel base, engine, body, etc. after technical inspection
7. Running a vehicle in pit area while on the ground or on pro jacks / jack stand without anyone in the driver seat
8. Unsportsmanlike conduct, improper language or conduct detrimental to racing
9. Any condition considered to be unsafe or unfair by the race director and / or the technical committee
10. Touching strip center line and outer markers, in any situation during measured 660 ft / 1/8 mile
Note: In dual offense situations, the worse offense is the applicable offense, unless both are equal, then the first offense will be the loser.


K. USE OF LIKENESS: EOPM reserves the right to use the likeness of all entered competitors’ vehicle, driver, and all crew before, during, and after an event in regards to advertising, promotion, filming, recording, exhibition, and other exploitations of the event.

L. TOW VEHICLES / PIT SAFETY: Competitors will be held responsible and may be disqualified if anyone on their team misuses a support vehicle.

M. GENERATORS: Generators must exhaust up and away from other competitors’ pit area, and must not be unreasonably loud or they will be required to be shut off.
N. PROTEST PROCEDURE: Protest of any competitor will be up to the discretion of the Competition Director. Protest must be made without malice and only in reference to unfair advantage regarding the performance of the vehicle under protest.
O. FUEL & WEIGHT CHECK: EOPM reserves the right to conduct random fuel and/or weight checks at any time. Failure to comply will result in disqualification.
P. SAFETY: Safety guidelines will mirror those of the PDRA Pro Modified class.
Supercharged (big block) maximum 4.900 bore space – 2500 lbs.
Nitrous (carburetor and EFI) 5.200 and 5.300 bore space up to 875 cubic inches – 2350 lbs.
Nitrous (carburetor and EFI) 5.200 and 5.300 bore space 876 to 962 cubic inches – 2375 lbs.
Nitrous (carburetor and EFI) 4.840 & 5.000 bore space – 2200 lbs.
Turbocharger (big block) single turbo 120mm maximum – 2450 lbs.
Turbocharger (big block) twin turbo 98mm maximum – 2550 lbs.
Turbocharger (small block) – 2150 lbs.
Pro Charger (small block) – 2350 lbs
Pro Charger ( big block) – 2400 lbs
R. MAXIMUM CUBIC INCH DISPLACEMENT: 526 cubic inch maximum for supercharged and turbocharged Hemis, 600 cubic inch maximum for all other supercharged, turbocharged, and Pro Charged combinations. 962 cubic inch maximum and 5.300 maximum bore space for nitrous entries.
S. AUTHORITY: Any condition considered to be unsafe by any member of the technical department will be adequate grounds for barring or with drawing a vehicle from participation in any event, until the fault has been remedied to the satisfaction of the technical department. The decision of the technical department will be considered final.
T. APPEARANCE: Vehicles participating in EOPM events must be presentable in appearance at all times. The appearance of personnel attending contestant vehicles is equally important, and should be subject to the same considerations.

U. PARTICIPANT CONDUCT: Each member and / or participant agrees to familiarize him or herself with all applicable rules and regulations prior to competing in any EOPM sanctioned event.
V. DRIVER CONDUCT: Any driver who refuses to voluntarily reduce speed, or stop in the event a car does not handle properly ( i.e. excessive drifting of the car toward the center of edge of the strip), or any driver who willfully fishtails or weaves in an attempt to show undue disregard for the safety of himself, other competitors, or spectators, will be IMMEDIATELY barred from further competition.
Any driver and / or pit crew member found to be under the influence of alcoholic beverages or drugs regardless of the amount, will be barred from the event and this shall be considered sufficient grounds for suspension.
A participant is any person taking part in any EOPM event in any form, including but not restricted to drivers, car owners, mechanics, crew members, sponsors. All such persons shall be considered public figures who have by their own choice become involved in EOPM racing events with the full understanding that he or she must abide by all rules and regulations established and published or announced by EOPM.
All participants are to be responsible for their personal conduct and must behave in a professional manner at all times. Any participant who verbally or physically threatens another person or behaves in a manor determined by EOPM to be detrimental to the sport, EOPM, or the event may be suspended and / or fined at any time.
Driver is responsible for the actions of his or her crew.
W. CONTINGENCY AWARDS: Qualifying contingency must be verified immediately after final qualifying session. Winner and Runner up contingency will be verified after the final round of eliminations. To be eligible for contingency awards and championship points, the following criteria must be adhered to:
1. Series and sponsor decals must be placed on both sides of the vehicle on a vertical surface. Decals must be visible in EOPM offical photo used for contingency verification. Failure to comply with this rule will result in loss of contingency for product in question. Non visible area examples are…running boards surface, decklids, rear of vehicle and rear window.
X. BREAK RULE: QUAILIFING: If a car is damaged or has a minor problem after it pulls into the staging lanes the car MAY be permitted to make its qualifying run ( at the Competition Directors discretion ) as follows. If a car breaks in the staging lanes it has until the last EOPM event entered car crosses the finish line to make its run. Once the last EOPM event entered car crosses the finish line the round is over. The broke car must be in the water box ready to make its run. NO EXCEPTIONS! If repairs are in anyway being performed when the last EOPM event entered car crosses the finish line the broke entry will NOT be allowed to make that run.
BREAK RULE: RACE: If a car is damaged or broke during the eliminations rounds it must be pushed off the racing surface and forfit the run.


A. DRIVER RESTRAINTS & PROTECTIVE CLOTHING: Seat belts SFI Spec 16-1 mandatory within two year expiration of date of manufacture. Driver suit, gloves, and shoes meeting SFI Spec 3.2A/15 mandatory for nitrous and gasoline entries. Driver suit, gloves, and shoes or boots meeting SFI Spec
3.2A/20 mandatory for supercharged, turbocharged, and ProCharged entries.
B. HEAD & NECK RESTRAINT: Hans, R3, Isaac, or Hutchens Device mandatory. Neck collar not allowed unless used with other approved device.
C. FIRE SYSTEM: 10 lb. fire system required. One nozzle inside driver’s compartment directed at driver’s feet and one or more nozzle in front of engine required. Safety pins must be red flagged.
D. HELMETS: SN2000 or newer full face helmet mandatory. Helmet shield in the down position during run recommended.
E. WINDOW NET: Mandatory.
F. PARACHUTES: Dual parachutes mandatory.
G. ROLL BAR PADDING: Required. ISP or Butler recommended.
H. LICENSING: Minimum IHRA Top Sportsman Class B license required. EOPM reserves the right to make additions to this requirement if deemed necessary in the interest of safety.
I. MASTER CUTOFF: Mandatory if battery is relocated or is specified by class requirements. It must be located on the rear of all entries and must break the positive side battery supply to the competition vehicle. If the switch is mounted to facilitate a push or pull activation it must be positioned in a way where off is in the push position. If the switch is mounted in any other fashion it must be labeled in a way that is clearly identifiable as to which way off is positioned.


A. BODY: Full bodied cars only. No Funny Car bodies allowed. All vehicles must have working doors.
B. WHEELBASE: Minimum of 100” with 2” variation from left to right. Maximum 115” wheelbase. S-10, Dakota, or Ranger 125” maximum wheelbase. Maximum 45” front end overhang measured from the center line of the front spindle. EOPM-approved extension allowed, and must meet proper height requirements.
C. BRAKES: Four wheel brakes mandatory on all vehicles.
D. REAR END: Floater rear end, Mark Williams EV4 axle system, or Strange STRL-5500SBB two-piece axle system “MANDATORY”. Lightened axle flanges and or gun drilled axles are prohibited.
E. GROUND CLEARANCE: Minimum of 3” from front end to 12” behind the spindle. 2” for remainder of the vehicle.
F. ENGINE CONTAINMENT SYSTEM: Mandatory. Diaper, carbon fiber, or aluminum belly pan may be used and must not interfere with the timing equipment in any way.
G. WHEELS: Bead locks or liners when not using bead locks mandatory.
H. TAIL LIGHTS: Tail light must be operational during night runs.
I. BALLAST: Must be secured (bolted in). No exceptions.
J. STARTERS: Vehicles may use remote starting systems.
K. NITROUS: Maximum of two bottles stamped with DOT 1800 pound minimum rating.
L. SUPERCHARGERS: Screw-type supercharger prohibited. Hi-helix or standard helix Roots type supercharger only. Maximum supercharger overdrive limit is 29.00 percent on Hemi combinations. Maximum supercharger overdrive limit is 40.00 percent on Conventional Head combination. Intercoolers, variable multi-speed supercharger devices prohibited. The top opening may not exceed 12 inches in length or 5 inches in width. The entire inlet opening must be on/in the upper surface only. The maximum length from the front of the supercharger drive pulley to the leading edge of the rotor is 15 inches. Offset drive pulleys, spacers, modified cases, or attaching methods may not be used to add to the 15-inch maximum. The rotors must be driven from the front (both the external drive and the internal gearing. Any inlet/outlet cavity in front of the rotors is restricted to a maximum of 3.000 inches measuring from the face of the bearing plate to the front of the cavity. Roots Type: Maximum size: 14-71, 22 1/4-inch case length, 11 1/4- inch case width, 19-inch rotor length; maximum rotor diameter: 5.840 inches including fixed stripping. The case must be one piece with removable front and rear bearing end plates; rotor must be contained within one-piece case. Roots-type high helix: Must adhere to same maximum case dimensions and maximum rotor cavity diameter as standard Roots. Rotor helix angle may not exceed 6.5 degrees per inch (123.5 degrees total over 19-inch maximum
rotor length).
M. FLYWHEEL & CLUTCH SHIELD: Mandatory. No open or exposed flywheels. In the event an OEM style transmission case is utilize with an open bottom. A one piece flywheel is “MANDATORY” no weld on rings, no exceptions!
N. FUEL: Alcohol, gasoline, or methanol only. Alcohol must be clear in color. No additives of any kind allowed.
O. DRIVELINE: Driveline must be covered 360 degrees a minimum of 12” from transmission tail shaft back. Must be covered with .050” chromoly or titanium. Two piece units accepted with a minimum of 6-3/8” grade 8 bolts.
P. MASTER CUT OFF SWITCH: Mandatory. Must be clearly labeled


The participant agrees that by entering an event, the participant acknowledges that the event site is safe and suitable for racing and the participant acknowledges that by participating in the event the participant may suffer bodily injury, death, or loss or damage to property. The participant has voluntarily assumed the risk of such losses and waives any claims for such losses against EOPM, its officials, the event sponsors, the race track operators and other participants and discharges such persons from responsibility for such losses and agrees not to sue such persons for such losses. All participants shall be required as a condition of participation to sign all required entry forms, including such releases as shall be required by EOPM and their insurance policies. For purposes of clarification, the term “participant” shall include any person directly or indirectly associated with any vehicle which has been permitted to enter an event site, including, but not limited to owners, drivers, crew members, guests of participants, spectators or commercial vendors.


Each participant expressly agrees that by entering an EOPM event, the participant will be bound by all of the decisions, rules and regulations of EOPM, including all procedures provided for in the EOPM rules and by the decisions, rules and regulations which are applicable to a particular event, including those of the host track and the host track’s sanctioning body. The participant agrees to be bound by and abide by the decisions of the Competition Director, its designee and all other EOPM officials at all events. The participant also agrees that all decisions made before, during or after an event are final and may not be appealed or made part of, or the basis of, litigation and hereby agrees to release and waive from liability and not to bring any action against the Competition Director, their designees, EOPM, the race track operator, track safety equipment, event sponsors and all other event officials for any loss, damage or injury caused by malfunctioning electronic or mechanical equipment whether caused by negligence or otherwise.
The participant further agrees that any dispute concerning any event, the rules and regulations of EOPM or any decisions rendered by EOPM or EOPM officials, shall be resolved pursuant to the procedures provided for in this rulebook. The participant agrees to indemnify and to hold EOPM harmless for any costs or loss incurred as a result of the failure of the participant to comply with the rules, regulations and procedures provided for herein.