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You can set notifications to alert you when friends or family members leave from or arrive at various locations. Tap the Dictation, Contacts, or Keypad button to choose a friend.

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Turn off Share My Location. Automatically send notifications to friends when you arrive at or leave a specific location.

Watch youtube videos at the exact same time as your friends remotely. here's how

Get notifications when your friends leave and arrive, too. On Facebook Watchyou can discover videos, original shows and movies. Share your location: You can share your location from an iPhone, iPad, or iPod watch. When checking the notification, your friend will see 2 options to share their gameplay: Broadcast to Many People Using Twitch, YouTube or UStream services, you can share your gameplay with players who requested to watch it, Can friends other.

Select Me. They can choose to also share their location with you.

You can friende see the location of your friends, but your friends see Location Not Available when they try to locate you. Tap Done. You can always control the audience for your posts at the time of posting or in your privacy settings.

Location sharing isn't supported in South Korea and might be unavailable in other regions due to local laws. You can start and stop sharing your location with friends at any time.

Sharing an episode or series: You can choose to share a video to your timeline or in a direct message to a person or group. Tap a friend to see their location on a map. If you host a watch party with friends, a recap post with a video summary is shared afterwards with your selected audience.

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If you're invited to a watch party, only the people in the watch party will know that you ed. With the Find My Friends app on iCloud.

Can my friends watch

Tap Add. Tap a friend, scroll down, then tap Notify [name of friend]. Commenting on a or video: Any comments you make can be seen by anyone on Facebook.

Then, learn what you can do with the app on your Apple Watch. First, set up location sharing.

Can my friends watch

Or ask Siri. Tap your friend, scroll down, then tap Notify Me. Turn on Notify Me, then choose to be notified when your friend leaves their location or arrives at your location. Turn the Digital Crown to see more friends.

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Find the software version of your device. ing a watch party: Keep in mind that a watch party isn't public.

Can my friends watch

When your watch party ends, a recap post with a video summary is shared with your selected audience. Set up the Find My app and turn on Find My [device] to get started. When you do this, it will be visible to your selected audience.

10 streaming apps/software where you can watch and chat with your friends

Choose how long to share your location—for one hour, until the end of the day, or indefinitely. Liking a video: When you Cn a video, your name may be visible when your friends come across that specific video example: "[Name] also liked this". Select an address or phone. Turn on Notify [name of friend] on the next screen, then choose to notify your friend when you leave your location or arrive at their location.

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You can also use your PlayStation Camera or microphone to comment on your gameplay. You can hide or stop sharing your location with your friends. Frienxs activity: When you friend videos, the following actions may be seen by others depending on your privacy settings: Liking or following a : When you like or follow ayour friends may see your name when they watch across that example: "[Name] and 4 other friends like this". Stop sharing your location If you don't want your friends to see your location in Find My Friends, you can stop Can from the app on your iOS device or on iCloud.

Then turn off Share My Location. Your friend receives the request notification on the PlayStation 4 Home Screen.

Watching with friends

You can set notifications to alert you when friends or family members leave from or arrive at various locations. Tap the Dictation, Contacts, or Keypad button to choose a friend. Open Find My Friends. Make sure that the web browser on your Wach or PC is up to date.

Set location notifications: Manage location notifications using your Apple Watch. You can share your gameplay with that specific player or hand over a controller so you can enjoy the game together. Locate a friend: Add friends to see their location on a map.

Can my friends watch

Hosting a watch party: Only the people you choose to share your watch party with will know about it. However, if you take a specific action related to a video or a example: liking a videothat action may be visible to people on Facebook. Your watch history: Your watch history is never visible to others on Facebook.

Then turn on Share My Location.