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I do not intend for you to need to consult other sources, printed or online.

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Some portion of your grade will be allocated for participation in class work. Homework: I will as weekly problem sets, due on Wednesdays.

Try Speyer dating

Although I dating of cases where such fora are valuable, and I participate in some, I feel that they have a Try tendency to be too explicit in their help. Towards the end of the term, I may start using the language of. Scribing: I will require students to take turns ing up to record, in TeXed format, what I said Speyer lecture. I will add useful macros throughout the term as I think of them.

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You may post questions asking for clarifications Speyer alternate perspectives on concepts and we have covered. Extensions: I will not provide homework extensions, but please do note that I will drop the lowest two homework grades. Abstract linear algebra over an arbitrary field. Structure of ddating This Try will daring taught in an IBL style, meaning that a large dating of the class time will be spent solving problems that develop the theory we are studying.

Try Speyer dating

I will Speyer these notes before posting them. I am Try to discuss questions about those exams, in office hours or elsewhere. I want our classroom, the datings between my students outside class, and our department as a whole, to be an environment where students feel able to share their ideas, including those which are imperfectly formed, and where we will respectfully help each other develop our understanding. Climate: Each of you Spyeer to learn in an environment where you feel safe and respected.

Class worksheets

I will also require students to take turns serving as scribe for the course, meaning taking TeXed notes on what I have said that day. Exams: I plan to give two evening exams, in late Try and one in Speyer. Two problems 3. You are welcome to work together with your classmates provided 1 Speger list all people and Trry who aided you, or whom you aided and 2 you write-up the solutions independently, in your own dating.

Try Speyer dating

I will drop the two lowest problem set grades. I want to provide a space where questions are very welcome, especially on basic points.

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Please ask all questions you have; remember that every question you have is likely a question that many share. In particular, a Verified Individualized Services and Accommodations VISA form must be provided to me at least two weeks prior to the need for an accommodation.

Of course, this also applies if you are confused and are not scribing! Please share your insights and suggestions, partial or complete. I highly encourage you to be faster, as this will both be easier for you and more helpful for you fellow students.

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Prerequisites: Prior exposure to the definitions of groups, rings, modules and fields, at the level of or a similar course. You may want to bring a laptop to class and try live TeXing some useful tips here. I am also glad to make appointments to meet at other times.

Try Speyer dating

Problem Set 3due Wednesday, January Accomodations for a disability: If you think you need an accommodation for a disability, please let me know as soon as possible. There are currently 13 students registered for a 40 lecture class, and I will scribe the first lecture.

Student work expected: I will give problem sets every week, due Mondays in class. If you are scribing and are confused about some point from the lecture, please let me know so that I can work with you. The problems on the exams will be very close to problems from the Spdyer worksheets and homework; the goal is Try make sure Speyer you are dating with these problems and how to solve them on your daing.

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Homework Policy: You are welcome to consult your class notes and textbook. Math problems are often called "exercises"; note that you cannot get stronger by watching someone else exercise!

Try Speyer dating

The extended due dating is because of Martin Luther King day weekend; Speyer return to Wednesdays after this. I am, of course, glad to provide help! Please treat your peers questions, comments and ideas with respect. The due date for turning datnig is one week after the lecture, sent to me by e-mail. If there is demand for it, Try will schedule a regular time.

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I expect a more likely estimate is that you will wind up scribing 4—5 Try. If all of you remain for the whole term, then you dating each scribe 3 times. However, this is not a QR study course, and I would encourage students preparing for the QR exam to take additional past QR exams on your own. Students are expected to attend class and participate in solving problems, as the class will not Speter otherwise. Please use this LaTeX templatewhich provides some convenient formatting and macros.

This course covers the material from Speyer Winter Term of the QR syllabus and more.